Eve produces an extensive range of functional pottery, as well as personalised giftware for sale.

Large Blue Jug

Welcome to my website and thank you for showing an interest in my work.

As a practising potter, I also offer other activities that bring people of all ages in touch with clay which include;

 ♥ Pottery classes for adults and children and educational workshops

Detail of lamp

 ♥ Paint on pottery parties for all ages

Hand and footprints of babies/children on pottery

Personalised pottery for weddings, birthdays and christenings

♥ An extensive range of pottery work to choose from

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I enjoy making work that is functional and pleasing to have around the house, adding a splash of colour to the overall décor of your home. I want my work to evoke feelings of happiness and fun! With my current body of work, I concentrate on making domestic ware that is highly decorative. I am looking at design ideas all the time and take inspiration from all aspects of life around me including; nature, wildlife, architectural and historical design and more.

Mad Hatters standard lamp with homemade shade

The pottery I make is highly decorative and I like to transfer my designs onto clay, using a combination of both hand -painting as well as  silk-screening printing

Design detail

I  start by drawing out my  image onto paper and then I produce a silkscreen of this design. I transfer the printed image onto the clay when the pottery is still damp and continues to incorporate several other techniques, such as drawing and scrafitto, which adds to the overall design. My current ranges include; a strawberry range, bees and bird range, rose range, olive and chilli range, ladybird range, love heart range, as well as other ranges which are currently under development.

Eve Studio Pottery

Each piece of white ‘Earthenware’ pottery is fired to 1120°c, the colours used are all water based and non-toxic, as well as being environmentally friendly and food safe.

All pieces are dishwasher proof and can be used every day. You can choose from cups, plates, bowls, tiles, butter dishes, cookie jars, mugs, dip containers, serving dishes , teapots, jugs and more. The larger pieces include standard lamps, bespoke candlesticks, large plates and specially commissioned pieces.

Bird Plate

I like to think that Eve Studio Pottery has its own unique personal brand of design and craftsmanship and quality is my main focus.

The pottery pieces produced and the designs included, make for a truly original present/gift idea. Each piece is handmade with Love.