Hand & Footprints on Pottery

Child painting pottery

Little hand and foot prints

A Great Idea for a Family Gift!

A Great Idea for a Family Gift!


That’s Mother’s Day Sorted!

Children’s and Babies hand or foot prints put on to pottery which allows you to keep a permanent reminder of your little ones early years.Ranges to choose from include; cups, mugs, plates, bowls, tiles, jugs, teapots and more!!

Handprint on teapot

Blue Tea Pot

As your children grow up, let them create a special memory that will be cherished by parents, grandparents and all the family.

This is a quirky idea for a present and the kids will enjoy getting their hands covered in paint and they will certainly remember creating this unique gift. 

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How is it done?

The colour is applied to the child/baby’s hand or foot using a sponge and pressed onto the once fired pottery piece. The printed image shows up all the delicate lines of the hand or foot and will be a reminder of their early years.


Little Phoebe – 4 weeks old!!

Your child’s name and age and special greeting will be included in the overall design, as well as background colour of your choice. The pottery paint used, is water based and non-toxic and all giftware pieces are dishwasher proof and ready to be used every day.

Tiles can be box framed, ready to hang on the wall and be shown off!

If you would like to arrange an appointment with me to carry out a hand/foot print pottery session, please speak to me directly and I would be happy to arrange this for you.

If you are a member of a toddler/play group/ NCT group I can come to your premises and arrange to carry out the activity.

Discounts given to groups, so please ask at time of booking.

For further information contact me today!