Noell’s Work

Eve delivers pottery workshops and education art classes to various age groups.


Having fun with clay

I have planned and delivered a range of projects in various educational environments such as; primary schools, secondary schools, community learning centres, colleges, probation centres and other educational establishments. I can tailor an innovative and creative learning experience and all abilities can be catered for.

My training and background has helped me to focus on bringing art to a wider audience, using various mediums in addition to clay when organising classes.

After my Ceramics degree at Camberwell School of Art, I completed a further course in Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths University. This further training supported my practice and I realised the benefit of using art as a form of creative expression/communication and have adopted a holistic approach to my teaching.

Throwing on the wheel

I have facilitated numerous clay and art workshops, which have enabled the learner to develop and express their creative skills.

Art is a perfect vehicle for supporting young people with various issues that may hinder a young persons development, both personally and professionally.

Please contact me today if you would like to book an educational pottery workshop/or find out further information!