Children’s Workshops

Pottery Workshops For Children

Alice Age 6

Eve delivers both weekly pottery classes and one off clay workshops for children of all ages. ‘There is no better moment for me than witnessing a child’s joy as they sit at the potter’s wheel for the first time and place their wet hands on slowly spinning clay’.

Aran, Orla, Oran and Niamh 5 years

Clay, and its necessity to be touched, is at once familiar and enjoyable to children.

The sensory experiences they encounter throughout the pottery classes are many and as they experience the texture and feel of the clay, children express what they are sensing with uninhibited enthusiasm; “It’s cold, it’s wet and squishy and fun to work with”.

Working with clay is extremely engaging, as well as relaxing.

Clay can feel different in certain perspectives, as different clays have different smells, colours and textures. So while a child is making an item out of clay, there are subtleties taking place in their development that they are not even aware of such as the strengthening of their sensory skills, as well as learning to be patient, creative and focused during the making process.

As well as enjoying learning new skills, discovering that clay comes from the ground makes pottery making even more magical.

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Childrens Pottery Classes


“My Pottery Angel”


Meet Ginger – not yet painted

Ginger in full glory


Amy painting

Butterfly Jug