Animal Brooches

Kitty Cat Brooches – £5.00 each

Norfolk Blue Piggy Brooch







Here at Eve Studio Pottery, we enjoy making ‘Bit and Bobs’, these are all made from my scraps of clay….so nothing is wasted.

There are a selection of Animal Brooches to choose from, including ‘Kitty Cat’ brooches, ‘Norfolk Piggy’ brooches, ‘Wise Old Owl’ brooches, ‘Elephant’ brooches, ‘Dog’ Brooches, ‘Bird’ Brooches and more.

  • The price is the same for all designs – £5.00 each 

The Brooches are fitted with a metal brooch clasp and make a perfect adornment to garments, hats, scarves, jumpers, fabric bags etc.


Owl Brooch